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Media & Key Presentations

Getting Intersectionaly Bare for Research & Praxis: Conducting Autoethnography to Reflect on Barriers to PrEP for Black Gay and Bisexual Men

Intersectionality Training Institute Research Salon. February 13th, 2024

Dr. Dangerfield discusses findings from autoethnography that reflect on barriers to PrEP for HIV prevention and professional considerations for culturally congruent, peer-based interventions.

Us Helping Us Deeper Dives Episode

Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc. Research. Instagram Live, November 9th, 2022

Dr. Dangerfield shares insights about monkeypox, PrEP, and sexual health misinformation post-COVID-19.


Refining POSSIBLE: A Multicomponent Intervention to Increase HIV Risk Perceptions and PrEP Initiation Among Black Sexual Minority Men.

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. Vancouver, Canada.  November 2022

Dr. Dangerfield discussed key findings from formative research of 12 focus groups with Black sexual minority men to refine intervention. Overall, Black SMM held dissonant attitudes between their sexual behaviors and HIV risk, perceiving their risks as "low.” Themes indicated that that self-monitoring sexual behaviors using a mobile app-based diary is feasible but could trigger internalized stigma and that an acceptable peer change agent should be a “future self” for them to aspire to. Findings were used to refine pilot test POSSIBLE in a single-group intervention, expected to be published in 2024.

Improving Provider Attitudes in Caring for Black MSM

Interview with Contagion Infectious Diseases. November 2019

Dr. Dangerfield discusses barriers to HIV treatment and prevention services and ways that clinicians can build better relationships with Black sexual minority men.