Prevention Research and Innovations In Sexual Epidemiology
Derek T. Dangerfield II, PhD
We conduct innovative social and behavioral science using quantitative and qualitative methods in clinical, community, and virtual settings to illuminate unaddressed issues regarding race, sexuality, and health communication and improve minority health.

Message from the Principal Investigator

Dear Colleague,

It is with great pride and excitement that I welcome you to PRIISE and share the important work we do.

My interest in sexual health promotion for sexual minority men emerges from a combination of personal and professional experience. In 1990’s Baltimore City, negative messages from family, community, and society generally towards sexual minorities were salient and health care support was limited. Arguably, in many contexts globally, these issues remain unchanged and many of our community members become hurt, hopeless, and high-risk.

As an undergraduate research assistant, I formally studied how sexual health in minority communities is impacted by multilevel factors that affect people differently at particular points in their lives. I made an early commitment to develop my own program of research that addresses the diverse needs of sexual minority men along the life course globally.

The mission of PRIISE is to highlight the significance of sexual epidemiology, promote sexual health, and prevent disease through excellence in research, education, practice, and service. I hope that ultimately everyone can live healthy lives free from negative sexual stereotypes and obtain high-quality healthcare regardless of sexual orientation.

To achieve this core mission, this requires us to work together intentionally, diligently, persistently. We must enhance our approach to research and dissemination by collaborating with interprofessional teammates in community-based organizations, non-profit organizations, and advocacy groups. This inclusive approach will generate innovative and meaningful solutions, actively disseminate key findings, and engage the Community in research development, health education, and results dissemination. We cannot do this alone.

I have fostered a new relationship with my work to do more and develop a shared knowledge base that advances minority health science. I invite you to explore the research and teaching of PRIISE and join me in The Work. I hope that my passion for research excellence and health justice is more infectious than disease and that we can turn the tides together!

Welcome aboard,

~ Dr. D

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